“… Since his Hagenbach in „La Wally“ three years ago, Paulo Ferreira has developed gorgeously, and incarnated convincingly Maurice of Saxonia, the soldier as well as the Count. While he is in notably slimmer shape, yet his tenor is now also flowing in the high register without any perceivable effort, and with a mediterranean timbre he makes all wishes come true in the Italian fach.” – in Opernglas, May.2015

“… The man stuck between to strong female rivals, Maurice of Saxony, is played by the markedly elegant Paulo Ferreira with a bright, hard-hitting, golden tenor voice. The ease with which he now moves on stage is remarkable.” – by Dietmar Plattner in Der Neue Merker, 09.02.2015

“… Standing apart (in the true sense of the word) is Paulo Ferreira. He is an old friend at Innsbruck – where his roles have included Hagenbach in Le Wally and the Italian Singer in Der Rosenkavalier – and he cuts a fine figure in his sharp suit and natty tie. He has a good, strong top, such as the role requires (as well as Caruso, Franco Corelli and Placido Domingo also sang Maurice) and sings powerfully and securely, with compelling tenorial polish…and achieves a touching piano in the final act.” – by Jochen Rüth in Der Opernfreund, 09.02.2015

“… Paulo Ferreira is a wonderful, languid Maurizio of very Italian range, with a fine, easy tenor.” – by Franz Gratl in Krone – Kultur, 09.02.2015

“… Within the category of Spinto Tenor is her lover Maurizio, where we have Paulo Ferreira. In him we find in each situation a righteous temperament, where he sings his best sounds.” – by Ursula Stroal in TTzeitung, 09.02.2015