“ … It was not a coincidence that Paulo Ferreira shared the stage with Anna Netrebko. The Portuguese tenor, member of the Ensemble of Hof Theatre, was vocally brilliant in the role of Grijorij, a voice of exceptional beauty.”  – (Frank Herkommer – Opernetz – 03.2012)

“ … The character Grigorij Otrepjew Paulo Ferreira is presented in a dynamic and full of enthusiasm! The Portuguese Tenor approaches it with a more lyrical way in his personage and presents with a German (intonation) clear and perfect. “… – (Eingestellt von Zenner – Operapoint 03.2012)

“ … While they are having a vocal explosion, the Pretender to son of Czar, Grigorij (Paulo Ferreira), in addition to his voice power, also focuses on his vocal beauty. (…) The Portuguese guest tenor, shine with his Tenor Voice …” – (In Franken – 03.2012)