“…In particular and amongst the numerous roles, Paulo Ferreira with his ravishing, melting tenor voice, stands out.” … (by Franz Gratl, in Krone, Kultur – 11.11.2014)

“… Paulo Ferreira, as The Italian Singer, displays wonderful timbre.” …(by Helmut Christian Mayer in Kurrier, Kultur – 10.11.2014)

“… Paulo Ferreira successfully brings to life Strauss’ caricature of an Italian Singer”… (by Ursula Strohal in Tiroler Tageszeitung, Kultur – 10.11.2014)

“… Paulo Ferreira as “Singer” stood out from the altogether solid ensemble.” – (by Wiebke Kuester in ConcertoNet.com – 10.11.2014)

“…  Heard last season as Alvaro in “La forza del destino”, Paulo Ferreira made a powerful-voiced Italian Singer.” – (in Das Opernglas – 09.01.2015)